This ongoing series of paintings focuses on small unremarkable moments of creativity that I want to acknowledge. They are collaborations, of sorts, between myself and the moment…and the, unwitting creators.

‘PIKE X Joe of London’ is a collaborative work conceived on Temple Street, London E2, sometime between 2006-2019. Somewhere in that time period I gained a notable affection for a painted gesture scrawled on the pavement, that appeared to reveal the name of its creator. It read ‘JOE’ in white gloss paint.

Whenever I walked past this painted gesture, I imagined a young Joe, waiting for the decorators of the adjacent flats to disappear inside, leaving behind a pot of white paint. Seizing his chance to literally make a name for himself, Joe took the medium on offer and poured and scrawled his name for all to see (at least on Temple Street) and in no time at all…he was gone.

It was this act of creative endeavor that appealed to me and in 2019 I decided to commemorate this moment.

Months after taking the necessary photographic documentation to create the work, I returned to Temple street to find the pavement had been repaved and Joe’s original work removed in the process.

‘PIKE X Employee 00272914’ is a collaborative work between myself as a painter and myself as a creative, employed in a large organization.

Towards the end of a particularly platitudinous meeting, Employee 00272914 found that he had spent most of the time testing out marker pens on post it notes. I selected one of these notes to adorn the front cover of his note book, in so doing, creating our first collaborative venture.

Both works are acrylic on raw canvas with photographic print collage.