Latest ‘Wrong’ painting with a slight technique update inspired by the mark up tool on the iPhone.

My first years paintings were fun explorations into expressive mark making and I had enjoyed the creative release that my intuitive and seemingly random processes offered. However it was all very instinctive and offered less in the way of a mental challenge. So, as a considerable Overthinker, I started to question what was the point of it all…was it all ‘Wrong’?. As visual affirmation, denoting just how ‘Wrong’ I thought a couple of my paintings were, I scribbled frenetically all over them and surprisingly, I quite liked it.

The premise behind this series of ‘Wrong’ paintings is to encourage the exploration of new ideas and brave expression, whilst offering a security that failure has a place in my work. The scribbled, signature strokes that sit on the surface of the canvases now denote; the endeavor, bravery and enthusiasm for progression, that lie beneath the surface.

“Am I Wrong” is a question I ask myself, whilst managing my own feelings triggered by notions of failure and expectation. With these ‘Wrong’ paintings, I can safely explore my own expectations and recategorize ‘failed’ work as welcome additions to this series.