This Summer my life was unquestionably lifted at the return of my partner from an 18 month spell living in Italy…Unfortunately as with all good things, this welcome return came with its down sides. The “Back Room” I’d converted into a painting atelier…was now to become a guest/music/tv room/study…I was out of arguments.

Anyway, with nowhere convenient to paint for the foreseeable future I turned to smaller less messy ways to convey my thoughts and direct my creative impulses. I’m a long time student of adobe illustrator and photoshop and so these became my new tools as I intuitively set a path without any perceived destination.

The results below are, in part, a shameless self branding exercise but have also become a conduit for my grumpy social commentary. I am tired of the noise of daily life, the opinions, messages and questions I feel invade my conscious and subconscious thought. Ironically, addressing this issue, simply adds another fucking voice to the cacophony!

However, having accepted the irony, I’ve clumsily taken to censoring daily life without moral or political distinction and primarily for the purposes of self gratification through aesthetic endeavor.

I’ve decided to further these studies either as a means to confront, what might be, my sensitive over reaction to modern life… or…to ignite a campaign to drown out the noise of almost everything…on scale! Let’s see…

Branding Calm