My overt branded works appear to be an almost aggressive and open mockery of the noise of daily life. I simplify the vast array of messaging prevalent in the cultural, corporate and communications landscape and bend it to my own will. It’s likely in protest to the status quo, but with an unwillingness to abandon a branded visual language that I have grown up with, come to love and has been a significant part of my design career.

First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing, 2021

The completely blank pages of the ‘First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing’ and the subsequent ‘Second Limited Edition Paperback Copies of Nothing’ invite the viewer to use their imagination and think for themselves.

First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing, 2021…Sound but no noise.
First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing, 2021

The studies below are, in part, a shameless self branding exercise but have also become a conduit for my grumpy social commentary. I am tired of the noise of daily life, the opinions, messages and questions I feel invade my conscious and subconscious thought. Ironically, addressing this issue, simply adds another fucking voice to the cacophony!

However, having accepted the irony, I’ve clumsily taken to censoring daily life without moral or political distinction and primarily for the purposes of self gratification through aesthetic endeavor.

Integrating branding into painting….
Sculptural thoughts…