First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing, 2021

When I was much younger, ‘Use your imagination’ was something that my mum would say to me, sarcastically, when she thought I’d asked a question I could have worked out for myself.

In 2021, I experimented with a series of paintings called ‘Drawn Curtains’ and some photoshopped work I called ‘Studies in identity and opinion’. Understanding my motives for creating these two significantly different creative processes and aeththetic outcomes has been on my mind for a while and these works begin to explore this.

The completely blank pages of the ‘First Edition Hardback Copy Of Nothing’ and the subsequent ‘Second Limited Edition Paperback Copies of Nothing’ invite the viewer to use their imagination and think for themselves.

Sound but no noise

My overt branded works appear to be an almost aggressive and open mockery of the noise of daily life. I’m trying to simplify the cultural, corporate and communications landscape and bend it to my own will, perhaps in protest to the status quo, but unwilling to abandon a branded visual language that I have grown up with, come to love and has been a significant part of my design career.

As a counter to this branded aspect of my work, the imaginative and almost child like wonder of my works in the ‘Drawn Curtains’ series is a defensive action; withdrawing inwardly to hide away from the landscape as described in the above paragraph.

It was my intention to start to combine the different visual outcomes of both aspects of my works and see where it took me. Below you can see a snapshot of how I used phone and computer software to influence the process.

‘Use your imagination’ challenges society to think beyond our daily onslaught of messaging, but also acts as a reminder to me. As such I’ve decide not to allow my notable lack of experience, education or notoriety, in the art world, to limit the places I can show my work. Check out my ‘Drawn Curtains-World Tour’ for more ambitious examples of this, but also see below my first exhibition at the Nurnberg Kunsthalle.

Where does this go???

…a few starters…to be continued: