Tom Pike (b.1978, Stockport, UK) currently lives and works in Hackney, East London, UK.

Tom is predominantly a painter but has also integrated digital and graphic work into his practice as part of a creative process that leverages aspects of his 20 years’ working in the clothing design industry.

Tom’s work is often an examination of himself as he responds to the suggestions of randomly generated patterns and marks. He is interested in the reconciliation of differences; the relationships between chaos and order, chance and certainty and between art and design. Tom’s techniques are remembered, from childhood and his creative studies, as well as accumulated observations during the creation of his works. Much of his work is aimed at exercising and exploring his imagination and due to the nature of his process, Tom has embraced the concept of failure and the means to progress his practice as a consequence.

Tom has a diploma in art foundation from Stockport College, a BA Hons. in fashion and textiles from Ravensbourne College and an MA in menswear from the Royal College of Art.

In March 2020, Tom showed his first solo exhibition at the Edel Extra Kunstverein in Nürnberg, Germany and his second, at the same location, in September 2021.